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Graduated from the University of Perugia Vet School, Italy in 1988.

While living in Italy, Beverly studied homeopathy and herbal medicine. She worked at Citta' della Domenica Zoo as a zoo veterinarian for two years. Bev lived on a small farm raising dairy goats. Other pets and visitors in the house included: baboons, pigs, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and geese. After living in Italy for twelve years Beverly returned home to New York. For 3 1/2 years Bev worked for a holistic vet in Westchester County, NY. During this period she studied acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. In 1993 she opened the Vet at the Barn, Rockland County's first holistic Vet Center. Dr. Cappel is a frequent lecturer in the New York/Tri-State and has also written the forward to the book: "The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care", by C.J. Puotinen. She has also worked as a consultant for Earl Mindell's: "Nutrition & Health for Dogs" (Visit our Barn Bookstore for more information about the books.)

Beverly has a son named Ben and a daughter named Olivia. Bev's pets at home include:
DOGS: Blaze (Australian Shepherd), Jackie (Terrier mix) AND Nugget (Pit Bull)
CATS: Itten, Partly, Swishie, Bandit and Weeble
GOATS: 5 Nubians and 3 Dwarfs
BIRDS: Four Parakeets, Two Conures, Two Love Birds
FISH: Tropical Fish
CHICKENS: 6 Chickens


University of Pennsylvania 1988

Dr. Gloria Binkowski has been on the staff at Vet at the Barn since 2000. Gloria’s special interests include acupuncture, nutrition, and cats. Gloria came to the Vet at the Barn with several years’ experience in a feline only practice and she also was chief veterinarian in a large urban pound/hospital in NJ. In veterinary school, at the University of Pennsylvania, by taking legal action against the school, Gloria was instrumental in effecting precedent-setting changes in the school’s curriculum so that students would no longer be forced to harm or kill animals in the course of their veterinary training. Because of the example set at the University of Pennsylvania, other veterinary schools in the United States were compelled to honor student requests for nonviolent alternatives.

Gloria shares her time and home in NJ with some of the many once homeless animals who have crossed her path over the years.


Cornell University, NY State College of Veterinary Medicine, 1990
International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS), 1992
Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, (VOM), 2002

Dr. Ehrsam has extensive knowledge in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, Chinese and western herbs, nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, glandular therapy, and alternative cancer therapies. She practices holistic veterinary medicine with compassion and loving kindness, integrating Eastern and Western modalities to bring forth the best of both worlds. She worked for Dr. Allen Schoen for 8 years, and has worked with Dr. Cappel since 1995.At home in New Paltz, NY. Dr. Bea resides with 2 fantastic felines (Abyssinians) and one soulgazing canine (a mixed breed in matching color). Dr. Bea's interests include dancing, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. She also practices QiGong, yoga and meditation.

"It is my hope always to enhance optimum health and loving relationships between people and animals and the earth, and to inspire more love, light and peace in the world." Dr. Bea Ehrsam 



Dr. Levin-Gichon owns two clinics in Israel in the city of Holon. The clinics specialize in general practice and surgery of small animals. Dr. Levin-Gichon's clinic devotes much effort to rescuing stray cats and homeless dogs.

Dr. Levin-Gichon has extensive experience with internal medicine, dermatology and general surgery. She enjoys the combination between traditional medicine and the holistic alternative approach. Dr. Levin-Gichon is the mother of 4 wonderful kids, ages 14, 11, and 8 year old twins. While not working, she enjoys the companionship of a beautiful Golden Retriever and an adorable Siamese cat, which came along with the family from Israel.

In 2002, Galit completed a course in veterinary orthopedic manipulation. She became a certified veterinary acupuncturist through I.V.A.S. in 2003.

Whenever she has free time, Dr. Levin-Gichon enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling around the world, reading and scuba diving.

"My childhood's dream was always to become a Veterinarian, and I am grateful for having my dream come true by combining work with my love for animals." ~Dr. Galit Levin-Gichon



Danielle has been performing physical rehabilitation on small animals since 2004. She received her certificate as a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner through a continuing education program at the University of Tennessee. Danielle has had a love for animals since she was a little girl. She currently shares her home with 2 mix breeds, Alphonzo & Reese; 2 Guinea pigs, Eddie & Ernice, a bearded dragon named Claw and 2 human children, Austin & Skylar and her husband Jim.  


Danielle accepts referrals from other veterinary practices for her rehab services.  

Veterinary Staff:
Beverly Cappel, DVM, CVA
Gloria Binkowski, VMD
Beatrice Ehrsam, DVM, CVA
Galit Levin, DVM, CVA


Veterinary Technicians/Assistants:
Dave W.
Ron R

Danielle Bricker CCRP, CMT

Hospital Receptionists:
Leanor S.
Denise K.

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