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Non-anesthetic Pet Teeth Cleaning

The Vet at The Barn offers a non-anesthetic dental cleaning alternative for
patients who qualify for this procedure - with our in house veterinarians.

New York Pet Teeth CleaningIf interested in booking an appointment please call the office and ask to speak with Annie. In order to be a candidate for this procedure, we require that your pet be examined at our practice by a veterinary doctor within the past 12 months. This procedure is not for every pet; poor candidates include pets with severe tartar, gingivitis, fractured teeth or teeth that are in need of extraction. These pets would be candidates for dental procedures utilizing anesthesia.


The dental cleaning alternative is perfect for patients that have mild tartar, owners who are seeking a cleaning for cosmetic purposes and those looking for a way to maintain their pet’s dental health in-between anesthetic dental procedures.

The dental cleaning alternative does not replace an anesthetic dentistry. We are aware of the limitations of this drug-free technique. If we discover a loose or fractured tooth, gum disease, abscess or any other condition that necessitates an anesthetic dentistry we will either suggest setting up an appointment to have one performed at our clinic, or in severe cases, a referral to a board certified veterinary specialist might be warranted.



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